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Report_Part 1_The pelvic floor

Report 1 - The Pelvic Floor

Learn more about your pelvic floor:


  • What muscles are involved in its function

  • How to keep your pelvic floor muscles healthy

  • The male pelvic floor

  • How young men can experience a Hypertonic pelvic floor

  • How to find these illusive muscles

Report_Part 1_ Free instructions on how to do Kegels for women
Report_Part 1_Free instructions on how to do pelvic exercises for men
Report_Part 2_What is incontinenced, diagnosis & causes

Report 2 - What Is Incontinence, Its Diagnosis & Causes

Find out more about incontinence (leaking):


  • What it is

  • How it is diagnosed

  • The causes of reversible (transient) incontinence

  • The causes of gradually developed incontinence

Incontience Report Part2_Bonus2.1_Quick start guide_Pelvic exercises for men & women
Report_Part 2_Bonus2.2_Free seating guide for pelvic floor exercises
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Report_Part 3_Incontinence treatment & potential complications

Report 3 - Incontinence Treatment & Potential Complications

Read more about incontinence treatment & potential complications:


  • Conservative Therapies for incontinence, which include; lifestyle changes and non-surgical treatment

  • Surgical Treatments for incontinence, which include procedures to treat; urge and stress incontinence, overactive bladder and bowel incontinence

Report_Part3_Bonus3.1_Free bladder diary
Report_Part 4_Bowel incontinence - faecal incontinence

Report 4 - Bowel Incontinence: 

Faecal Incontinence

Discover more about faecal incontinence:


  • What is bowel incontinence

  • How your bowels work

  • Types of bowel incontinence, with a focus on the symptoms, causes and treatment of faecal incontinence

Part4_Bonus4.1_Free bristol stool chart

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Report_Part 5_Bowel incontinence - flatus bowel incontinence

Report 5 - Bowel Incontinence: 

Flatus Bowel Incontinence

Find out more about flatus bowel incontinence:


  • What it is…

  • The symptoms, causes and treatment of flatus bowel incontinence

Part5_Bonus5.1_Free bowel diary
Report_Part 6_Urinary incontinence - typ

Report 6 - Urinary Incontinence: 

Types of Incontinence

Learn more about the types of urinary incontinence:


The symptoms, causes and treatment of:

  • Coital urinary incontinence

  • Functional urinary incontinence

  • Giggle incontinence (laughter leaks)

  • Nocturia (excessive night time urination)

  • Nocturnal Enuresis (adult bedwetting)

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Report_Part 7_Urinary incontinence - types of urinary incontinence continued

Report 7 - Urinary Incontinence: 

Types of Incontinence Continued...

Continue learning more about the types of urinary incontinence:


The symptoms, causes and treatment of:

  • Overactive bladder

  • Overflow urinary incontinence

  • Stress urinary incontinence

  • Urge urinary incontinence

  • Mixed urinary incontinence

Part 7_Bonus7.1_Bladder training diary

Bladder Retraining Diary.pdf 

Report_Part 8_Double incontinence_bowel

Report 8 - Double Incontinence 

(Bowel & Bladder)

Read more about double incontinence, which includes both bowel and bladder incontinence:


  • The symptoms and causes of double incontinence

  • Treatment of double incontinence:

  • Conservative Therapies (lifestyle changes and non-surgical treatments)

  • Surgical Treatment

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