Don't Let Incontinence Put A Strain On Your Intimate Relationship

A pelvic floor problem, such as incontinence or bladder weakness, can stop you from embracing your sexuality and can put a heavy strain on intimate relationships.

Some sexual positions can actually make incontinence worse rather than boosting your relationship.

However, do not fear, as this doesn’t mean you should avoid your sex life!

All you need to do is check out this list of the most comfortable, safe and exciting sex positions for those who suffer from the following incontinence or bladder weakness issues:

Stress Incontinence

Pain, spasms, bladder weaknesses and a pelvic floor that is not very coordinated can affect sexual function. Stress incontinence is often the fault of a weak pelvic floor.

Pain – If you suffer from stress incontinence you should avoid the Missionary position as it can cause the uterus to be tilted at an angle that can hurt.

Pleasure – Try Spooning or Girl on Top with several pillows placed on your partners thighs to help manage the depth of penetration.

Coital Incontinence

1 in 3 women admit to urinating during sexual intercourse or during orgasm (this is referred to as Coital Incontinence) and can be as a result of a weak pelvic floor.

Pain – Doggy and Missionary are best avoided when you suffer from coital incontinence.

Pleasure – Try shower sex to conceal any leaks, it may make you feel more at ease.

Urge Incontinence

Conditions like Urge Incontinence that affect how the bladder functions, its nerves, and the involvement of pelvic floor muscles can cause discomfort in some sexual positions.

Pain – Avoid the normal Missionary and the Doggy position as these can jostle the bladder, causing discomfort.

Pleasure – Try a modified missionary position with a couple of pillows underneath you. If your pelvis is high, your bladder and uterus will re-position themselves, helping to improve comfort.

Intimacy with Vaginal Dryness and/or Atrophy

Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex, even before menopause.

This can cause some pain and discomfort during almost any position in sexual intercourse and may even take a toll on your relationship.

To transform the this dry situation, try using a water-based lubricant (if it's also organic all the better) to bring ease and comfort into your sex life.

Don’t feel embarrassed to visit your GP or Gynaecologist either, there are a variety of treatments on offer for dryness; a topical oestrogen cream (available on prescription) might be just what you need to plump the delicate tissues and restore some natural lubrication.

How Can You Improve Your Sex Life?

There are 101 ways by which you can increase the excitement in the bedroom, ranging from natural solutions to electronic treatments.

Here are some top picks for improving your sex life when suffering from pelvic problems:

Kegel – As we age we often think it’s inevitable that our vagina will lose all its suppleness that it once had in youth and impact on our sexual lives. But this is a myth! There are things that you can do to improve the situation. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is a guaranteed way to re-invigorate your sex life; a stronger pelvic floor can increase the sensation for both you and your partner.

If you are not consistent and regular with your Kegels you can opt for a Kegel8’s Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner to effectively amplify your sex life today!

Lube up – Using a water-based lubricant (if it's also organic all the better) sometimes becomes essential as we grow older. But don’t feel like you have lost a part of your allure if you need to buy some; if anything, you’re preserving your sexual life.

Talk it out – Communication is key when it comes to satisfying sex. Let your partner know which positions aren’t working for you, and which positions really get you going.

Adapt and achieve – The Kamasutra isn’t set in stone. Move around when you are trying out different positions, you never know which angle will bring you the most comfort and pleasure.

What If You Still Experience Pain During Sex?

It’s very important for you to be careful in the bedroom.

Bursts of excitement may seem sensual at first, but they could easily worsen any pelvic problem if not done carefully.

Don’t ignore your pain signals if they persist, visit your GP or Gynaecologist for further diagnosis and treatment.


Original article: Kegel8 Website

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