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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

My motivation for buying Kegel8 was vaginal wall weakness grade 2-3 and formation of rectocele¹. Please bear in mind that I am 39 years old, have no children, never was pregnant and obviously never delivered.

I first noticed problems with my stool passing, I had tenesmus² and pelvic pain. All worsen with "sudden strange" discomfort while wearing tampons. I did not feel well and was especially frustrated because my defecation pattern changed. Also the issue with tampons was making my life pretty hard, I had been wearing tampons from the day of my first period about 26 years ago.

Using Kegel8 has improved my life and I can say that my issues, in this very short time, are already 50-60% resolved.

It is early days for me, I am still within the 12 week period of using Kegel8 every day. I feel better and I have a grip on my life again. I have normal stool passing and tenesmus are practically totally gone.

"Kegel8 should be part of every woman's health"

I would recommend Kegel8 and I am. It is light to use device. Same as most of the people having a TENS machine for their back pain I think that Kegel8 should be part of every woman's "health box".

Once things are totally out of control it is hard to face the fact that a hysterectomy needs to be done. Living with a weak vaginal wall lowers your life quality and Kegel8 is the perfect way to help; compared with other options like laser treatment (which is so much more expensive) Kegel8 is an easy, customer friendly device that can help us be strong again.

Dr. Smith used the best selling Kegel8 Ultra 20 with 20 clinically-proven pelvic floor exercise and relaxation programmes; it also

  • Includes the NEW innovative Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe; comfortable to use - even with a prolapse

  • For pelvic floor exercise,sensation improvement, bladder & bowel incontinence, pain relief, and postpartum.

  • Locates and exercises weak pelvic floor muscles making them strong again

  • Noticeable results within weeks, this is a must for menopause, prolapse & hysterectomy too

Get your Ultra 20 at Takealot.com

¹Retocele - Bulging of the front wall of the rectum into the vagina. Men can also experience a prolpase of the rectum...read more here.

²A continual or recurrent inclination to evacuate the bowels, caused by a disorder of the rectum or other illness.


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