How can the Kegel8 Ultra 20 Help?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019


Want something that does the heavy lifting for you?

With the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), the Kegel8 Ultra 20 stimulates a contraction within the pelvic floor, which, over time, exercises the muscles in order to build strength and tone. The small electrical impulses are introduced to the body via a vaginal probe, or using electrode pads.

Although when performed correctly, 'manual' Kegels can be highly beneficial, it is believed that 50% of women do not understand how to perform an effective muscle contraction [3].

When it comes to the prevention and treatment of prolapse, the Kegel8 Ultra 20 is our very best unit. With 20 pre-set and 3 customisable programmes, it enables you to personalise your regime based on individual requirements. Complete with a nickel free probe and 4 electrode pads, stimulation can be applied in a number of different ways depending on what works best for you.

The Kegel8 Ultra 20 is medically certified and guaranteed for 1 year.

Get your's at - Trust Kegel8; you'll be amazed by the results!



3. Johns Hopkins University Press Blog, (2012). The Doctor Is In: Women's pelvic health, fact or fiction?. Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2014].


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