How Long is a Man Versus a Woman Sexually Active?

 How long is a man versus a woman sexually active?

Keeping your love life in check can face its difficulties as you grow older. For women, menopause can take a real toll on intimacy – interest, dryness and pain are only a few things on the list that relate to sex.

Only 1 in 2 women aged 78-85 describe their sex lives as “good” – and that’s only the 40% of women who are sexually active!

For men, it’s a totally different story…

On average, sexual activity disappears for a woman at age 66 (or less!), but men can see their sexually active life expectancy last well into their late seventies!

There’s no doubt that those little blue pills have greatly increased a man’s sexual activity within his seventies and beyond – especially in terms of combating sexual dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction, ED, not being able to get it up – affects over 152 million men worldwide, and this number is expected to double within the next few years.

But – your pelvic floor muscles are here to save the day!

Pelvic floor exercises are the first-line treatment for men seeking resolution of their erectile issues. In fact, over 75% of men see a total cure or improvement in their erectile dysfunction after a 6-month course of pelvic floor exercises.

How Does Kegel8 Help with Sexual Satisfaction?

Erectile issues can be caused or made even worse by weak pelvic floor muscles. For men, one of the functions of the pelvic floor is to help provide strong and lasting erections. Therefore, by performing Kegel exercises and improving your pelvic floor muscle strength, you can achieve stronger erections. Plus, stronger erections lead to stronger orgasms too!

However, over 50% of people don’t know how to perform a Kegel exercise correctly! Exercising incorrectly can actually stress and strain your pelvic floor muscles and worsen conditions. The Kegel8 V for Men Pelvic Toner stimulates the correct muscles and exercises them without you needing to do anything at all! The Kegel8 V for Men also has custom designed programmes that specifically target erectile dysfunction.

Start to regain your confidence and your sexual sensation today with the Kegel8 V for Men Electronic Toner!

Reviews for the Kegel8 V for Men Pelvic Toner

Daz – The Kegel8 device was worth every penny

I have now been using my Kegel8 device for nearly 2 weeks now and my penis sensation is remarkable O M G. l had lost sensation in my shaft and head of penis almost 25 years ago. But I have begun to quite enjoy the therapeutic sensation via the anal probe especially when using I the ‘erection' programme. How bloody wonderful is this.

Anton – Very happy with my improvement

I suffer from both ED and Benign Prostatic Enlargement. I have been using the Kegel8 since I purchased it some weeks ago. I have to say that I have noticed an improvement in my ED, sometimes spectacularly so! I am continuing to use on Pr5 for erections and hope to see some more improvement, although I am currently happy with what I have achieved so far.

Results don't come overnight, you do have to persevere for a few weeks, but I am a very happy man so far. I use the anal probe, and with plenty of gel, it is not uncomfortable, nor unpleasant to use.


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