Male Incontinence

Dribbles, leaks, whatever you call it, it’s all incontinence.

Male incontinence, which includes dribbling or leakage, is an increasing problem. It’s annoying, embarrassing and can really damage your self esteem. But you need to remember that you’re not alone, and you don’t need to suffer in silence.

Incontinence affects men of all ages, and there’s a whole host of possible causes, all of which are treatable with help from your GP using a number of conservative therapies which will include non-surgical therapies like:

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Review and inclusion of medications

  • Kegel exercises

Whether it’s prostate problems, a weak pelvic floor or an overactive bladder, these can all cause you to need to go to the toilet too often, or throughout the night, or sometimes you might not get there in time.

Physicians in UK are now recommending male pelvic floor exercises, or Male Kegels, as a first line treatment for male incontinence.

But Aren’t Kegels Just For Women?

No! Strengthening your male pelvic floor helps to strengthen the muscles that support your bladder, meaning that you can better control your bladder and bowel.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles also help your prostate to function better, and what’s more, they’re also a fantastic natural way to strengthen your erection and delay ejaculation.

The Kegel8 V for Men Pelvic Toner will help you to regain control of your bladder and rebuild your self-esteem.

  • Get strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles

  • The quick and easy way to do male Kegel exercise

  • Effective results in just minutes a day

  • Say goodbye to those dribbles and leaks

  • Proven to help treat male incontinence

  • Helps with incontinence after prostate surgery


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