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Kegel8 success story is a thumbs up for urinary incontinence

I had two operations on my bladder for stones that had become embedded in the wall of the bladder and then I had to have a green light laser procedure to tidy up the tears that had been made by the surgery.

After this I had some urinary incontinence, mainly in movement, but particularly lateral movement. 

I Wasn't Prepared for the Effects of My Surgery

I was doing manual Kegel exercises daily but didn't notice much change at all. This went on for two months and I was due to see a specialist in this area of control. However, this isn't something I really wanted to do, so I ordered a Kegel8 V For Men, waited for it to come and started using it instead of visiting the specialist.

I've Had Positive Results from Kegel8

I began treatment with the Kegel8 V for Men once a day for about three weeks but only on low power, there had been gradual improvement in control but I decided to give it a rest for about two weeks.

When I restarted using the machine I used it at a higher power and for longer, I have noticed more improvement and at present I have about 95% control over my incontinence and I look forward to gaining full control.

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