The Ultimate Pelvic Floor Strengthener for Men

Kegel8 V for Men electronic pelvic exerciser for men to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles

It can be hard to determine whether you're exercising your pelvic floor muscles correctly or not - after all, they're hard to see.

But you can experience all the benefits of Kegel exercises with the Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner. This CE-approved Kegel exercise product has been designed with leading pelvic health clinicians for men to tone, strengthen and invigorate the pelvic floor muscles.

The Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner offering both skin electrodes and probe options, harnesses your body's natural electric signals to stimulate an effective pelvic floor muscle contraction. Using an internal probe or skin electrode pads, you can regain your pelvic floor strength with the push of a button! Remove the guesswork from Kegel exercises with Kegel8.

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Did You Know?

Pelvic floor exercises are the NHS (UK)-recommended first-line treatment in tackling erectile dysfunction.

Don't suffer in silence!

Kegel8 V For Men's medically-approved programmes can help you with a wide range of pelvic floor concerns:

What's more, Kegel8 V For Men's programmes have been developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist, and the device is classified as a Class IIa medical device, meaning that it is backed up with medical evidence, so you know that it works.

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