Top Tips on How to be Kind to Your Pelvic Floor

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Love your pelvic floor!
  • Prepare yourself – Whether you’re about to tackle pregnancy or the menopause, it’s important that your pelvic floor is well prepared for what’s to come. Begin your Kegel exercises as soon as possible to strengthen and maintain your pelvic floor. Make sure you do the Kegel exercises correctly.

  • Alternatively, use an electronic pelvic toner to effectively target and tone your pelvic floor muscles for you within a few minutes!

  • Learn to lift – It’s pretty unrealistic to tell readers to avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent pelvic floor damage because sometimes it’s just part of daily life. Therefore, you should learn how to lift correctly to help minimize damage. Learn more about lifting correctly.

  • Perfect your posture – When sitting on the toilet, the optimum position for reduced strain is so sit with your knees higher than your hips. To help with this, try using a toilet stool to help you go better.​

  • Embrace your inner animal – Making a ‘moo’ sound whilst on the toilet sounds like a crazy thing to suggest, but it can help relax your pelvic floor muscles and help you to pass bowel movements more effectively. Try it next time you go, but maybe skip this in public bathrooms though…​

  • Try technology – If you struggle to remind yourself to do your pelvic floor exercises, try using your mobile phone alarm to provide you with helpful little reminders.​​

  • Educate others – There are still a lot of people who are uneducated about the pelvic floor because of the taboo that surrounds it. So, as well as yourself, educate others on how to be kind to your pelvic floor.


Original article: Kegel8 Website

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