What To Do When Kegels (Pelvic Floor Exercises) Don't Work For You

This is quite a common occurrence for both men and women when trying to do pelvic floor exercises (or kegel exercises, as they are also known). But the fact is, if they’re not working for you, there’s a reason and Kegel8 can help.

Common mistakes


Squeezing your buttocks: the hardest part can be identifying the correct muscles. Tense as if trying to stop passing wind and urine at the same time; don’t squeeze your buttock or abdominals.


Holding your breath: breathe as normal; you should be able to hold a conversation and do your kegels without anyone knowing… providing you can talk and count at the same time!


Lift, don't push: this is essential – imagine you are lifting your pelvic floor muscles up towards your belly button. If you push down, you could do more harm than good.


Giving up: kegels need to be a part of your daily routine; the recommendation for manual kegel exercises is 10-20 contractions, 5 times per day, every day… do you hit that target?

How do I know if I'm doing them right?

Many health professionals recommend the finger test; insert a couple of fingers into your vagina and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as you would when exercising. You should feel a gentle squeeze on your fingers if you are contracting your muscles in the right way.

Enlist a Specialist Physiotherapist that specialises in men/women's pelvic health.

The specialist physio will utilise a biofeedback trainer like the Kegel8 Trainer to ensure that your pelvic floor exercises (for men/women) are done with the correct muscles, together with an on-screen display that shows you when you are squeezing the right muscles and how effectively too! The Kegel8 Trainer even measures the strength of your pelvic floor muscles with its unique Squeeze Scale™ so you can measure your results! It’s your specialist physio's answer to keeping you motivated to improve!

Another option for you ladies are our Kegel8 Weighted Pelvic Floor/Vaginal Cones. These are not 'just' any cones...this is a complete Pelvic Floor Strengthening System you use at home for just 12 weeks for fast effective results.

Designed with the help of one of the UK's top Physiotherapists this easy-to-use system is a perfect way to effectively strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles. With the Kegel8 Cones you can easily follow the visual indicator so you target the muscles correctly, and when the cone 'tail' moves downwards - 'EUREKA' you can be sure that you have found the muscles, and that you are exercising them correctly for maximum results.

What to do if pelvic floor exercises aren't working

If pelvic floor exercises really aren’t working for you, the likeliness is your muscles are too weak for manual kegel exercises to be effective, or you are not able to find them, or you have lost motivation to follow through on your own.

No worries...

Kegel8 electronic pelvic toners are an at-home-use treatment taking the UK by storm. A recent survey showed us that 64% of Kegel8 purchases in the UK were following the recommendations of GPs, Consultants or Healthcare Professionals.

Where there's a problem... Kegel8 V For Men and Ultra 20 for women are the solution!

So what can Kegel8 toners do for me?

Whether you are a man or women, at Kegel8 we take great consideration in what you need from our clinically proven programmes, which offer treatments for:

Kegel8 V For Men and Ultra 20 for women have; 8 programmes and up to 20 programmes respectively, specifically designed with all the above issues in mind…


Original article: Kegel8 website

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