Why Women Are Never Too Young To Look After Their Pelvic Health

Old or young, you’ve probably heard of Kegel exercises. This simple exercise involves contracting your pelvic floor muscles to build strength and tone over time.

The benefits of a strong pelvic floor are endless, but is there an age limit for Kegel exercising? Aren’t Kegels for older women?

To put it simply, NO!

1 in 10 women under the age of 40 suffer from pelvic floor weakness.

At What Age Should You Start Kegels?

There’s no definite age that’s recommended for you to start Kegel exercising, instead it really is, the sooner the better!

With strong collagen levels and a healthy amount of oestrogen, it’s common for younger women not to experience any symptoms of a weak pelvic floor. Yet, there are still cases of younger women who suffer from controlling continence.

Training your pelvic floor early can help you prepare for later life. For example, Kegels are key for both pre-pregnancy and postnatal preparation. A strong pelvic floor can help to support the weight of the baby and aid your bladder during pregnancy. After birth, you’ll find yourself relying on your pelvic floor muscles far more often than before, so it’s essential you know how to keep them strong throughout the entire process.

Will Kegels Improve My Sex Life?

Kegels play a HUGE role in sexual function. With a strong pelvic floor, both you and your partner will experience increased sensation during penetrative intercourse.

For women, the vagina passes through your pelvic floor muscles, and as a result, you and your partner will feel these muscles tensing greatly during sex. PLUS, having a stronger pelvic floor can lead to more frequent AND stronger orgasms, with increased sensitivity throughout.

For men, the benefits apply too. Having a strong pelvic floor can help to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, allowing you to improve the strength and endurance of your erections.

How Do I Exercise My Pelvic Floor?

Pelvic floor exercises should be an important part of your daily exercise regime. Want to know how to perform a good Kegel exercise?

Follow the Kegel8 guide below:

  1. Sit or stand with your knees slightly apart.

  2. Slowly tighten your pelvic floor muscles starting with your anus (as if you’re trying not to pass wind), then tighten the muscles around your vagina.

  3. Squeeze both areas and lift as high as you can. Hold for five seconds, relax, and repeat ten times.

  4. Squeeze and lift the muscles again, but this time quickly for two seconds, relax, and repeat ten times.

  5. Perform these exercises three times per day to maintain a strong and healthy pelvic floor for life!

NOTE: Don't tighten your tummy, butt or thigh muscles, these must remain relaxed.

How Do I Know If I’m Exercising Correctly?

The only issue you may face when it comes to Kegels is knowing whether you are doing them correctly or not.

Unfortunately, 1 in 2 women perform pelvic floor exercises incorrectly. Instead of squeezing and lifting the muscles, some women tend to bear down on them instead, weakening the muscles as a result.

Luckily, not only are there Physiotherapists that specialize in women and men's health but also a huge range of products available that can help you to discover the correct way to Kegel.

The Kegel8 Vaginal Cones are a clinically-proven form of biofeedback therapy. Made from medical grade silicone these cones feature a unique indicator tail that tells the user, in real-time, whether they are exercising correctly or not. Simply squeeze and lift and the tail waves down – it’s that simple!

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Original article: Kegel8 Website

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