Your Pelvic Floor Exercise Guide - Part 3

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Part 3 - Hands cupping showing the basic shape and size of the pelvic floor.


"I’ve just had pelvic surgery; how soon can I start to use the Kegel8?"

"Consult with your doctor or consultant; every case is different, but the Kegel8 could help to speed up your recovery and improve the surgical outcome. Stress Incontinence and prolapse is usually a sign of a weak pelvic floor, so if you have had an operation to help with either of these conditions you will still have a weak pelvic floor and you need Kegel8 more than ever! If you are receiving treatment for pelvic cancer, then wait to use your Kegel8 until it’s been approved by your healthcare provider”

"I can't feel it - is it working?”

"If the screen is displaying the programme and numbers (so you know there’s power in the unit), then you need to adjust the mA button so that it’s a level you can feel. Remember; you’re aiming for a gentle tingling - it should be comfortable, but you will be able to feel the sensation of the electrical pulse contracting your muscles. To increase the mAs, use the plus button (+) on the side of the probe. Increase the mAs until you can feel the muscles contracting. When using a probe, you should start at around 25-30mAs, or when using electrode pads on the skin start at 15mA's.

"What’s the best position for me to exercise in?”

"If you’re using a probe, we recommend that you use the V for Men either kneeling or lying down on your side. This will help you to insert and use it comfortably. Once you’re used to using your Kegel8, the most effective position to Kegel in is sitting up straight – this has been found to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles far more than any other position. Our special Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Wedge Cushion will help you do this – use the voucher below for a discount!"

Did you know?

Most men don't know how to produce an effective pelvic floor contraction. These are the common mistakes...

Common mistakes men make when doing pelvic floor exercises

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