Your Pelvic Floor Exercise Guide - Part 4

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Part 4 - Hands cupping showing the basic shape and size of the pelvic floor.

The Six Pillars of Pelvic Health

In our many years of helping people take control of their pelvic health, we’ve discovered 6 sure-fire ways that you can protect your pelvic floor.

These are small and unexpected areas of your lifestyle that are simple to address but will make a huge difference to your future health!

They are:

1. Pelvic Floor Exercises

Surprise surprise! Yes, kegels for men are the top way to maintain your pelvic health. Have you been keeping up with the 12-week programme? Check out how to do male Kegels

2. Posture

As mentioned in part 3, sitting up straight will give you the best results from your kegels. Try improving your posture throughout the day as well; it’s great for every aspect of your health!

3. Weight

Being overweight puts a lot of extra strain on your pelvic floor, as it increases the amount of pressure inside your body. Losing the extra pounds will help to protect you from incontinence and prolapse.

4. Bowel Health

Around 50% of people with chronic constipation end up with pelvic problems. Straining on the toilet strains your pelvic floor, so you need to make sure you’re getting enough fibre and liquids in your diet.

5. Breathing

Take a deep breath! Breathing deeply throughout the day so that you can feel the breath reach down into your stomach will give you a natural pelvic floor workout! Diaphragmatic breathing (breathing deep into your belly) will tone your pelvic floor all day long and relax your mind.

Check out this video on how to do deep/belly/abdominal breathing.

6. Vitamin D

Essential for the strength and health of all your muscles, including the pelvic floor. That’s why we recommend taking a supplement such as Vit-D3 every day alongside your Kegel routine.

Learn more about supplements that help protect your pelvic floor.

Read Part 1 here


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