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Beta Marketing CC Privacy Policy

Read this policy carefully before browsing this website or using any of the services.


Your continued use of this website indicates that you have both read and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.


You cannot use this website if you do not accept this policy. All sections of this policy are applicable to all users unless the section expressly states otherwise.


Privacy Policy


For the purposes of this section, Personal Information will be understood in accordance with the definition provided in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“the Act”).


We endeavour to ensure the quality, accuracy and confidentiality of Personal Information in our possession.


We will take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to, or disclosure of your Personal Information. However, it is impossible to guarantee that your Personal Information shall be 100% secure.

Should the user Subscribe to the "Pelvic Health for All" Newsletter, the users may be asked to provide the following information (Personal Information):


  • Full name;

  • Email address;


Your agreement to this Privacy Policy constitutes your consent as contemplated in section 69 of the Act.


By agreeing to the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, you consent to the use of your Personal Information in relation to:


  • Informing you of changes made to our Website;

  • Responding to any queries or requests you may have;

  • The provision of marketing related services to you;

  • Understanding general user trends and patterns so that we can develop and support existing and ongoing marketing strategies;

  • The creation and development of market data profiles which may provide insight into market norms, practices and trends to help us improve our offering to you. Such information will be compiled and retained in aggregated form, but shall not be used in any way which may comprise the identity of a user.


Although absolute security cannot be guaranteed on the internet, we have in place up-to-date, reasonable technical and organisational security measures to protect your Personal Information against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, misuse, destruction or against unauthorised disclosure or access to the information we process online.

While we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any Personal Information you provide us, we will continue to maintain and improve these security measures over time in line with legal and technological developments.


We store your Personal Information directly and will take the necessary steps to ensure that your Personal Information is adequately protected in that jurisdiction.


Your information will not be stored for longer than is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or as required by applicable legislation.


The Personal Information collected from users shall only be accessed by employees and subject to reasonable confidentiality obligations binding such persons.

We will not sell, share, or rent your Personal Information to any third party or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. Any emails sent will only be in connection with the provision of our services and/or the marketing thereof and at any time you can unsubscribe from the ‘Pelvic Health for All’ newsletter.


Cookies (which hosts our Beta Marketing CC website) uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your computer or smart phone by the web browser. The two types of cookies used on the Website are described below:


“Session cookies”: These are used to maintain a so-called ‘session state’ and only lasts for the duration of your use of the Website. A session cookie expires when you close your browser, or if you have not visited the server for a certain period of time. Session cookies are required for the Platform to function optimally, but are not used in any way to identify you personally.


“Permanent cookies”: These cookies permanently store a unique code on your computer or smart device hard drive, in order to identify you as an individual user. No Personal Information is stored in permanent cookies. You can view permanent cookies by looking in the cookies directory of your browser installation. These permanent cookies used by are not required for the Beta Marketing CC website to work, but may enhance your browsing experience.

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