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We have proudly sourced and sell the Kegel8 pelvic toner range from the UK, which is made in Britain and is specifically for the rehabilitation of a weak pelvic floor.

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Kegel8's Ultra 20 is a Class ll Medical Device (in UK), that easily & quickly restores pelvic muscle control to improve bladder & bowel incontinence, pain relief, postpartum leaks and sensation improvement.

We are thrilled to add this amazing medical device to our product line.


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Kegel8 V for men is an electronic pelvic exerciser specifically designed just for men. ​If you are overweight, have a job where you are constantly on your feet, or carry heavy weight (for work or for exercise), your pelvic floor is even more likely to be weak. 

This can leave you vulnerable to developing a pelvic floor disorder, which could affect your bladder, bowels or erection.

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Kegel8 Weighted Pelvic Floor/Vaginal Cones are not 'just' any cones...this is a complete Pelvic Floor Strengthening System you use at home for just 12 weeks for fast effective results. Designed with the help of one of the UKs top Physiotherapists this easy-to-use system is a perfect way to effectively strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles and you can easily follow the visual indicator so you target the muscles correctly. 

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